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Packing Your Hospital Bag for Multiples— Expert Tips from Mom, Ali Maffucci


by Jenny Altman, head of content at Milk Drunk and mom to Luisa.

Packing the hospital bag is something all expectant moms stress about. Quite often, we don’t even do it in time (raises hand, three weeks early). But when you do have time to prepare, during all of that nesting, ask a mom who has done it before. Pick someone who’s honest and authentic in her advice, because there isn’t anyone else who will tell you the truth about the underwear and maxi-pad situation that occurs in the hospital. It’s B-A-D.

When Ali Maffucci, of Inspiralized, shared her recent IG post about packing for her third hospital delivery, we took notice. This time she’s preparing for identical twins. She’s a mom who seems to have it *all together* while cooking up a healthful storm and raising daughter Roma and son Luca. Her sensible list covers all the basics including swaddles, snacks (yes), flip flops for shower (hell yes), and HELLO MY NAME IS cards.

If you’re in the last month, take Ali’s advice, get to packing. “This is my third time packing a hospital bag, and I’ve never packed it this early buttttt with identical, mono di twins, they tend to come early, so I’m prepared! Plus, with everything going on with my toddlers (sleep regressions, potty training, childcare shifts), the last thing I need to worry about is being ready for the hospital.”

Ali’s final tip: “I write some of the larger and last-minute items on a sticky note and place it on top of the bag so I remember, and if Lu (husband) has to grab my bag, he knows what to add last minute”. Spoken like a mom with experience.

Ali Maffucci’s: What’s in my Hospital Bag— Twins Edition

What mom needs to pack for herself for the hospital visit:

Photo ID

Insurance card

Wireless speaker

Snacks for postpartum recovery

Blanket and pillow

Sleep gown and robe

Nursing pillow

Flip flops for shower

Going home outfit (maternity sweats and nursing tank)

Etra long iPhone charging cord

Frida Mom Peri Bottle

Charged, handheld fan

Sleep mask

Reusable water bottle

Grip socks

What mom needs to pack for baby for the hospital visit:

Newborn going home outfit x2

Newborn sleep gown x2

Short-sleeve onesie x2

Top knot caps x2

Swaddle blankets x2

The Ollie World velcro swaddle x2

HELLO MY NAME IS cards (for baby identification)

Bobbie baby formula

What to pack in mom’s toiletry kit for the hospital visit:

Face moisturizer

Shampoo and conditioner

Body wash

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Hair ties

Dry shampoo

Glasses and contact lenses

Nipple cream

Facial wipes

Body wipes

Lip balm

Hair band

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