Kelly Stafford’s ‘Family First’ Meant Turning to Formula Feeding for Better Mental Health

Kelly Stafford chooses her mental health over breastfeeding, in order to be the best, most present mom to four under four.

Hannah Bronfman’s Pregnancy and Feeding Journey Were Not IG Perfect—or Were They?

Hannah’s breastfeeding journey was making her miserable. She transitioned to formula for better mental health and happiness.

Our Favorite Queer Eye—Tan France—is Ready to Shift the Feeding Conversation

Tan France talks about using baby formula when donor milk is not an option.

What Happens If You Measure Baby Formula Wrong?

Measuring baby formula wrong is a common mistake, but it can be serious.

Actress Laura Dern Wants Women to Know That ‘Money’ and ‘Finance’ are not Dirty Words

Laura Dern- actor, investor, mom. She wants women to use their voices by investing in brands that they use and believe in!

Infant Formula Disruptor Bobbie Courts a Rare Group of New Investors — Women

Female run companies, like Bobbie, are making sure women invest in women. It’s about time we start putting our money into companies we use and believe in!

Where has the European Formula Gone? With a Pause on Black Market Formula— We Ask the Experts.

There has been a pause on European, Black Market Formula. With nobody knowing exactly what’s happening, we’ve brought in the experts for advice.

Pride as Parents: The Vande Werkens Share Their Journey from Chemo to Reciprocal IVF

Pride as Parents: This same sex couple found their cancer and formula feeding community were one and the same.

Pride as Parents: “Breast Is Best” Didn’t Stop This Same-Sex Couple From Choosing Formula

Brian Ong shares the journey of surrogacy and how he and husband Brad found a healthy alternative to breast milk for baby Bali Rose.

I Was NEVER Going to Have Kids. My Dating Profile Said So.

Why this middle school teacher thought her students were enough, until an accidental pregnancy changed everything.

Pride as Parents: New Dad David Reed Has a Message for Gay Couples Who Want to Be Parents

Same-sex couple David and Chris Reed welcomed home their daughter Olive Grace this spring. Finding a surrogate and egg donor was a lot like online dating for them.

Pride as Parents: Trans Dad Trystan Reese Talks Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and His Private Feeding Journey

This dad shares why he and his partner kept their feeding journey a secret long after their pregnancy.

“I accidentally diluted my baby’s European Formula for weeks.” Hear this mom’s warning on the hype of choosing foreign formula.

Lauren Ellison Fox sat down with us to share her story about the heart wrenching moment she realized she had been giving her baby boy watered down formula for weeks. by Michelle Li, Milk Drunk Contributor and mom to JJ On Instagram, Lauren Ellison Fox models motherhood in a way that makes us all love

Feeding Confessional: “The Formula Mom” Tells All

What inspired Tennessee mom of two, Mallory Whitmore, to create now influential Instagram account that hopes to de-stigmatize formula and help formula feeding parents with the information that she felt was lacking online.  by Mallory Whitmore, Mom of two and creator of @TheFormulaMom It happened without me realizing it at first— friends of friends would

Let’s Talk About Heavy Metals in Baby Food

The report this week about dangerous amounts of heavy metals in many popular baby foods has many asking — ok so, what’s in my formula? By Kim Chappell, Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann and Dr. Christina Berberich Parents are collectively scratching their heads this morning asking, “wait what’s in my baby’s food?’” after a new Congressional Report

The New US Dietary Guidelines Finally Talk ‘Infant Formula’ (Sugar Intake, The Black Market & More)

The new USDA Dietary Guidelines were just released and there were some new topics that surfaced particularly for pregnant, nursing moms and also surrounding the use of infant formula.

Breastfed, Formula Fed or Milk Bank Fed? One Mom Experiences It All With Seven Kids (And Two Sets of Twins)

Doula and mother of seven (!!), Lindsey Cipriani, tells all about her feeding journey that took her through the bliss of exclusively breastfeeding, the gratitude of milk bank milk, and the hurdle of accepting formula when her babies needed it. She has some wisdom to share after feeding seven babies. by Aliza Friedlander, Milk-Drunk Contributor

Colic Baby: What Are The Signs and How Can I Help?

Everything was fine in the hospital, but once you got home with your new baby, something changed. She simply won’t sleep more than an hour or so at a time. Not only does she not sleep, she cries. A lot. Endlessly. Days have turned into nights and back into days and nothing you do seems

Not Breastfeeding in Brooklyn? Prepare to be Publicly Judged

by Amelia Dortch, Milk-Drunk Contributor Ashley Diamond is a woman who has mastered the always evolving dynamic of being a working mom. She’s survived in the city that never sleeps as a sleep-deprived, nursing mom, and now she’s navigating life during a pandemic with an energetic toddler and a newborn baby.  When Milk Drunk’s Amelia

We’re a Frontline Family During COVID-19: Here’s How Life Has Changed

“Hey. I think I’ve just been exposed. Pack up your things. I’ll see you in two weeks.”  by Inara MacKay, mom to Astrid and Milk-Drunk contributor It is 9pm, and my daughter is asleep. She still wakes up every two hours, and I’m getting ready for a long night by myself, since my husband works

The Mastectomy Moms Policy Gap

Why are mastectomy and breast cancer survivors and previvors given a free breast pump through insurance but no assistance to actually feed their babies? by Aliza Friedlander, Milk-Drunk Contributor 26 years after losing her mother to stage four metastatic breast cancer, Meredith Buzas learned she was BRCA 2 positive. She underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Caring for a newborn might make you pull your hair — until you realize it will fall out on its own. by Michelle Li, Mom to JJ and Milk Drunk Contributor Chances are you’ll have the best hair of your life when you’re pregnant, but once your baby joins the world, you might say goodbye

Feeding as a Frontline Worker: Don’t Assume We Can Pump When We Need To

Hear Rae’s story of how she’s made it to the 6 month mark exclusively breastfeeding her baby through surgeries, early hours, and and a supportive work environment- but she knows not everyone of her colleagues in healthcare is in the same position. by Aliza Friedlander, Milk-Drunk Contributor Rae, the mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Evelyn

European Baby Formula: A Guide on What Makes it Different than US Baby Formula

Let’s talk about baby formula, but not just any formula! European baby formula has been trending in the U.S. for quite some time now, but it raises the question to new and expectant mothers of what this type of mix includes that others, including natural breast milk, may not. Nowadays, we seem to have endless

Don’t Assume We Still Can’t Bond Over a Bottle

New Dads David Rak and Oren Henry share their journey to fatherhood and how the pressure to source breastmilk is even felt by Gay Dads by Aliza Friedlander, Milk-Drunk Contributor Growing up, David Rak and Oren Henry always wanted to be dads. It was a desire the couple bonded over early in their relationship. Their

Feeding After a Double Mastectomy: Don’t Assume I Have Nipples

Meghan Koziel, mom and breast cancer survivor, bares all about feeding after a double mastectomy. by Aliza Friedlander, Milk-Drunk Contributor Meghan Koziel’s dream was to be a mother. But after being diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer at 26-year-old, Koziel didn’t know if that dream would ever come true. So, when she found out she

Don’t Assume Every Feeding Journey Should Look the Same

Don’t Assume: I’m breastfeeding. By Aliza Friedlander and Kim Chappell If you’re a mom with a new baby, there is almost a guarantee someone has asked the simple and seemingly straightforward question, “how is breastfeeding going?”  Perhaps this question came from a doctor looking for a nutritional check-box, a mother-in-law looking for validation her grandbaby

I’m Not Even Pregnant and I’m Already Starting to Think About Breastfeeding

by Kelsey Mulvey, Milk-Drunk Contributor Writing about pregnancy is new, foreign terrain. I just turned 28 years-old, have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over five years, and while we do talk about our future, babies are not in the cards yet. (Read: No, I’m not pregnant.) Still, my partner and I are

The Unintentional Diet of a Postpartum Mom; When You Find Yourself Going ‘Dairy-Free’ Overnight

by Amelia Dortch, Milk Drunk Contributor and mom to James We’ve all been there. Forcing ourselves to diet to look decent in a bikini, or even to squeeze into those pre-baby yoga pants. You count calories through a tracking app, you deny yourself blissfully yummy carbs. You even find time to squeeze in a few

Does Feeding Define Who We Are As Moms? A Q&A with Author of ‘Bottled Up,’ Suzanne Barston

By Aliza Friedlander, Milk Drunk Contributor and mom of two Like many expecting first-time mothers, Suzanne Barston took a handful of baby classes during her pregnancy, including one on breastfeeding. Living in Los Angeles among a pro breastfeeding community, Barston and her prenatal yoga mom friends would talk about their plans to exclusively breast feed.

7 Self Care Tips While you Breastfeed

Mom approved tips to help you get through breastfeeding.

Workplace Wins: The Five Best Places to Work if You’re a New or Expectant Parent (and How Other Businesses Can Learn From Them)

by Kama O’Connor, Milk Drunk Contributor New and expectant parents have so much to consider as they welcome a new little one to their world: hospital or home birth; doula or midwife (or neither); breastmilk or formula (or both); how (or if) to sleep train; when (or if) to go back to work.  The last

Feeding Diary: An UnGodly Feeding Hour

by Amelia Dortch, mom to James and Milk Drunk Contributor It was dark. I was tired but I couldn’t sleep. It was an ungodly hour to be awake. And, the reason I was sleepless at an ungodly hour was especially ridiculous. It wasn’t from insomnia. It wasn’t from the discomfort of being in a hospital

Feed Your Baby, Not the Noise: Two Stories of Moms Who Felt the Judgement on How Best to Feed Their Babies

by Michelle Li, mom to JJ and Milk Drunk Contributor New moms have likely heard the saying, “Fed is best.” It’s practically what every other mother and doctor tell a first-time-mom who’s weighing the option of breastfeeding or using infant formula. However, once the baby comes, many new moms often discover those three words were

How Hollywood Gets Motherhood and Feeding Wrong… Oh, so wrong

by Kama O’Connor, Milk Drunk Contributor Think back to all the movies and television shows you’ve watched recently (before you only half-watched, half-zoned whatever was on during the witching hour of the midnight feeding). How many of the programs showed new moms figuring out the nuanced world of infant sleeping/feeding/tummy-timing schedules? Of those, how many

Feeding Diary: Feeding Plans are Like Birth Plans, They Rarely Happen as Planned

by Lisa Yadao, Milk Drunk Contributor I am a planner. I love the structure and predictability (and even the flexibility) that planning my days allows for. I feel productive when I can check the boxes off my daily to-do lists. Weekly planning helps me not feel overwhelmed. I am a creative producer, a problem solver,

What to Do When Your Baby Refuses a Bottle

by Tory Larson Fairies, Milk Drunk Contributor I remember the proud look on my husband’s face when both my daughters greedily sucked down their first servings of my pumped milk in his arms. For our family, introducing the bottle was uneventful, and I savored the freedom it allowed me to go to the movies, grab

A Thing Called Stigma and the Data Behind It

by Karen Gill, Milk Drunk Contributor Many mothers experience shame and stigma for how they feed their infants, feeling pressure to do things a certain way, which can affect well being. Stigma is a set of negative and unfair beliefs that a group holds; a social phenomenon rooted in social relationships and shaped by the

What Happened to My Breastfeeding Goals After Having Premature Twins in the NICU

by Karen Gill, Milk Drunk Contributor I’ve always believed breast is best and I was determined to breastfeed our twins. I watched YouTube videos, read the books, and talked to people about it. Nothing prepared me for how our feeding journey unfolded. At 29 weeks my waters broke in my office, I rushed to the

Back to Work: Here’s What Ruined My Milk Supply

by Dawn Miedler, Milk Drunk Contributor New mothers are being told we can successfully breastfeed while doing whatever else it is we set our minds to; working, studying, climbing mountains, you name it. The breast pump has become our not-so-secret weapon and the mother’s room our beacon of acceptance. Unfortunately, being a working parent who

The Hype Around a Breastmilk Freezer Supply

by Lexi Sack, Milk Drunk Contributor A quick search for breast milk freezer storage reveals endless photos of neatly organized bags of pumped milk, ready and available to be thawed if you’re away or unable to breastfeed for a period and your baby needs to eat. As an anxious new mom with a type-A personality,

Why I chose to feed my baby European Organic Formula

By Karen Gill, Milk Drunk Contributor and mom of three I emigrated from Ireland, to the USA a few years ago. We combination (breastmilk & formula) fed our twins in Ireland. When I gave birth to our little American baby, I was very interested in how the formulas we fed our babies in Europe and

The Story Behind Milk Drunk

Milk Drunk, definition: when a baby is so well-fed and happy that they pass out in your arms, give a tinge of a smile, and have little drops of milk dripping down their perfect little cheeks.

Confessions of a Working Mom: Q&A with Christine Michel Carter

by Aliza Friedlander, mom to two and Milk Drunk Contributor When Christine Michel Carter’s morning alarm goes off, it’s go-time, beginning each morning trying to get her kids up and out for school. And on weekdays when her kids have a classroom party or recital, you can bet Christine will be in the audience. That’s

Flying with Formula, Breastmilk, and Baby Food; Current TSA Guidelines

Avoid the dreaded security line milk dump with these tips from a travel pro and mother of two By Aoife Anderson, a former journalist with more than a decade of international experience who previously supported communications at companies, including Airbnb, Salesforce, Google and SAP, helping launch new initiatives and craft strategic messages for both internal

Weaning a Toddler Off the Night Bottle

If you are wondering if it’s time, it’s probably time. by Laura Modi, CEO of bobbie and Milk Drunk Contributor Toddlers are notoriously tough to wean. Usually, the older they get the more attached they become to that comforting bottle of milk at bedtime and the more reluctant we sleep-deprived parents are to rock the

5 Formula Feeding Hacks for Parents Who Need to Maximize Their Time

So basically, all of us. By Sarah Hardy, COO of bobbie and Milk Drunk Content Team From the best way to load the conveyor belt at the supermarket to managing an email inbox–some of us have been passionate about efficiency our whole lives. And for the rest, becoming a parent will quickly bring you up

What is Dad’s Role in Breastfeeding, Bottles and Remaining Judgement Free?

Three Dads Weigh in on Their Role in the Feeding Journey by Laura Modi, CEO of bobbie and Milk Drunk Contributor When it comes to the feeding journey we often assume it’s just the mom and baby who play roles and forget that ‘the other parent’ has a role too, be it your partner or