Who needs a post partum doula? Every new mom— says Mama Glow’s Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas talks about post partum doulas and why they are so important for moms’ mental health.

Me and my boobs: a love hate relationship

I blamed my boobs for many things— until I needed them for breastfeeding.

10 On: Year Round Sun Protection for Baby

The 10 most important things to know when it comes to your baby and the sun. Skincare is always a concern for bb.

Surrogacy and Donor Breast Milk: Here’s What You Need to Know

Having a baby via surrogate means you have feeding options; using donor milk is one of them. Milk banks, milk shares and baby formula are other options.

Actress Laura Dern Wants Women to Know That ‘Money’ and ‘Finance’ are not Dirty Words

Laura Dern- actor, investor, mom. She wants women to use their voices by investing in brands that they use and believe in!

Infant Formula Disruptor Bobbie Courts a Rare Group of New Investors — Women

Female run companies, like Bobbie, are making sure women invest in women. It’s about time we start putting our money into companies we use and believe in!

Why Choosing a Baby Name is so Damned Hard

Choosing a baby name can be the breaking point for some couples. Why is choosing a unique baby name so hard?

Lactation Cookies: What are They and Do They Really Work?

If your baby’s feeding journey includes breastfeeding or chestfeeding, you’ve likely had a panic or three about keeping up your milk supply. Lactation cookies may help!

Prepping for Fatherhood: Congrats You’re a Dad. Now what?

The dads from Fathercraft share advice on what to do once baby is born. Getting involved and finding the right stroller is where to start!

Newborn & Infant Sneezing: Does My Baby Have Allergies?

Baby sneezes can be cute, but constant sneezing may indicate your baby has an allergy. Learn how to determine what’s causing your baby to sneeze and how to help.

Prepping for Fatherhood: What First Time Dads Need to Know

Congrats- you’re going to be a dad! Now what? Here’s what Fathercraft says you need to buy and be prepared for.

The Formula Pitcher: Why Everyone is Talking About It!

Whether you plan to exclusively breastfeed or start your baby with formula, you’ll find a plethora of products that are available to you in terms of making your baby’s feeding time easier.  One of the most popular (and least expensive) items available is a formula pitcher.  If you haven’t considered one, why not? Even if

Oops! I’ve Run Out of Baby Formula

It happens. You think you’ve got everything you need on hand to take care of your baby, but weeks of sleepless nights can frazzle even the sharpest brains. In the middle of the night you drag yourself to the kitchen to prepare the baby’s bottle, and BOOM — no formula. Instantly, you begin to panic.

My Gassy Baby: Tips and Tricks to Help Them

Picture this: The parents of a six-week old baby who is combination fed (receives breastmilk and formula) have started noticing that in the last two weeks, their baby is squirmy, grunts, and gets very flushed in the face right before passing gas. These episodes are occurring more frequently, but last only a few minutes.  They

Must-Have Essentials for Bottle Feeding Your Baby

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to bottle feed your baby. Feeding your baby is about keeping your baby happy, healthy, and well fed in a manner that supports them and you as their caregiver.  Whether you plan to use formula, breastmilk, or both, bottle feeding your baby requires certain equipment, the right know-how, and a

Is It OK to Use My Phone While Breastfeeding?

Ring, ring! Who wants the 411 on cell phones and breastfeeding? Let’s talk about using your cell phone while breastfeeding. It seems kind of like a pretty normal thing to do, right? Well if you are a parent in 2020, that seems to be the case. However, it’s actually a widely debated topic for you

We’re a Frontline Family During COVID-19: Here’s How Life Has Changed

“Hey. I think I’ve just been exposed. Pack up your things. I’ll see you in two weeks.”  by Inara MacKay, mom to Astrid and Milk-Drunk contributor It is 9pm, and my daughter is asleep. She still wakes up every two hours, and I’m getting ready for a long night by myself, since my husband works

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Caring for a newborn might make you pull your hair — until you realize it will fall out on its own. by Michelle Li, Mom to JJ and Milk Drunk Contributor Chances are you’ll have the best hair of your life when you’re pregnant, but once your baby joins the world, you might say goodbye

How Much Formula Does a Baby Really Need?

Feeding a baby can be a stressful endeavor. From knowing what kind of formula your baby needs to how many ounces of formula your baby needs to consume to hit that inevitable growth spurt, there’s no real black and white answer. As parents, we live our lives in the grey area.   So, let’s go ahead

Don’t Assume We Still Can’t Bond Over a Bottle

New Dads David Rak and Oren Henry share their journey to fatherhood and how the pressure to source breastmilk is even felt by Gay Dads by Aliza Friedlander, Milk-Drunk Contributor Growing up, David Rak and Oren Henry always wanted to be dads. It was a desire the couple bonded over early in their relationship. Their

Does Feeding Define Who We Are As Moms? A Q&A with Author of ‘Bottled Up,’ Suzanne Barston

By Aliza Friedlander, Milk Drunk Contributor and mom of two Like many expecting first-time mothers, Suzanne Barston took a handful of baby classes during her pregnancy, including one on breastfeeding. Living in Los Angeles among a pro breastfeeding community, Barston and her prenatal yoga mom friends would talk about their plans to exclusively breast feed.

7 Self Care Tips While you Breastfeed

Mom approved tips to help you get through breastfeeding.

Workplace Wins: The Five Best Places to Work if You’re a New or Expectant Parent (and How Other Businesses Can Learn From Them)

by Kama O’Connor, Milk Drunk Contributor New and expectant parents have so much to consider as they welcome a new little one to their world: hospital or home birth; doula or midwife (or neither); breastmilk or formula (or both); how (or if) to sleep train; when (or if) to go back to work.  The last

Feeding Diary: An UnGodly Feeding Hour

by Amelia Dortch, mom to James and Milk Drunk Contributor It was dark. I was tired but I couldn’t sleep. It was an ungodly hour to be awake. And, the reason I was sleepless at an ungodly hour was especially ridiculous. It wasn’t from insomnia. It wasn’t from the discomfort of being in a hospital

How Hollywood Gets Motherhood and Feeding Wrong… Oh, so wrong

by Kama O’Connor, Milk Drunk Contributor Think back to all the movies and television shows you’ve watched recently (before you only half-watched, half-zoned whatever was on during the witching hour of the midnight feeding). How many of the programs showed new moms figuring out the nuanced world of infant sleeping/feeding/tummy-timing schedules? Of those, how many

Feeding Diary: Feeding Plans are Like Birth Plans, They Rarely Happen as Planned

by Lisa Yadao, Milk Drunk Contributor I am a planner. I love the structure and predictability (and even the flexibility) that planning my days allows for. I feel productive when I can check the boxes off my daily to-do lists. Weekly planning helps me not feel overwhelmed. I am a creative producer, a problem solver,

Confessions of a Working Mom: Q&A with Christine Michel Carter

by Aliza Friedlander, mom to two and Milk Drunk Contributor When Christine Michel Carter’s morning alarm goes off, it’s go-time, beginning each morning trying to get her kids up and out for school. And on weekdays when her kids have a classroom party or recital, you can bet Christine will be in the audience. That’s