10: On Weaning

Next on our 10: On series, weaning. Weaning baby from breastfeeding can be emotional, but we’ve got some tips to make it possible.

What Happens If You Measure Baby Formula Wrong?

Measuring baby formula wrong is a common mistake, but it can be serious.

Sterilizing Baby Bottles: The Easiest Ways to Keep Bottles Germ Free

Baby bottles need more than just soap and warm water to keep them clean and sanitary— they need to be sterilized. We’ve got the easiest ways to do it.

What to Do When Your Baby Refuses a Bottle

by Tory Larson Fairies, Milk Drunk Contributor I remember the proud look on my husband’s face when both my daughters greedily sucked down their first servings of my pumped milk in his arms. For our family, introducing the bottle was uneventful, and I savored the freedom it allowed me to go to the movies, grab

The Hype Around a Breastmilk Freezer Supply

by Lexi Sack, Milk Drunk Contributor A quick search for breast milk freezer storage reveals endless photos of neatly organized bags of pumped milk, ready and available to be thawed if you’re away or unable to breastfeed for a period and your baby needs to eat. As an anxious new mom with a type-A personality,

Weaning a Toddler Off the Night Bottle

If you are wondering if it’s time, it’s probably time. by Laura Modi, CEO of bobbie and Milk Drunk Contributor Toddlers are notoriously tough to wean. Usually, the older they get the more attached they become to that comforting bottle of milk at bedtime and the more reluctant we sleep-deprived parents are to rock the