Best Formula for Breastfed Babies: How to Supplement with Formula

Ready to supplement or transition off breast milk? Here’s our how-to guide on choosing a formula and transitioning with ease.

Combo Feeding- How to Extend Your Breastfeeding Journey with Formula

Combo feeding is a great way to go when you want to extend breastfeeding by using formula.

I finally gave myself “permission” to supplement with formula…and I wish I did sooner

Breastfeeding was hard, but supplementing with formula made it a little easier.

Fussy babies and Formula-Blaming: The Truth About Lactose Intolerance

Is your baby fussy because of lactose intolerance? Probably not!

Breastfed, Formula Fed or Milk Bank Fed? One Mom Experiences It All With Seven Kids (And Two Sets of Twins)

Doula and mother of seven (!!), Lindsey Cipriani, tells all about her feeding journey that took her through the bliss of exclusively breastfeeding, the gratitude of milk bank milk, and the hurdle of accepting formula when her babies needed it. She has some wisdom to share after feeding seven babies. by Aliza Friedlander, Milk-Drunk Contributor

Combination Feeding: When To Start and How To Make The Introduction

If you’ve been exclusively breastfeeding since your baby was born, the idea of combination feeding may be new to you.  Combination feeding simply means giving your baby both breastmilk and formula. If the word “formula” scares you, don’t be alarmed. Many exclusively breastfeeding moms fear the use of formula, and worry that it will somehow

Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding

Feeding your baby is an experience that will remain with you for a lifetime. There’s nothing quite like gazing down at your child, so fully reliant on you in that moment, and knowing that you are meeting their every need. There’s also nothing quite like having a baby attached to your breast at 3:00 a.m.

Are There Benefits To Nursing After 12 Months?

Whether nursing has been an enjoyable journey for you or a straight up struggle, you’re nearing the one year mark and wondering if there’s genuine benefit in continuing. Everyone, and we mean everyone, has an opinion about how you feed your baby, including how long you decide to breastfeed.  Breastfeeding acceptance and normalization is different

How Long Does It Take for Breastmilk to Dry Up?

Breastfeeding, oh the joys and challenges! It’s no secret that breastfeeding can be an experience with quite a few different ups and downs during the process. In fact, as much as we want breastfeeding to be a simple straight shot, it’s quite the opposite. From feeding times to actual milk supply, each situation varies for

Feeding Triplets: Don’t Assume I Made Enough Milk

Chantelle Whittles shares her feeding journey with triplets and how she nourishes three babies… at once. by Aliza Friedlander, Milk-Drunk Contributor Like most moms, Chantelle Whittles went into motherhood assuming she was going to breastfeed. So, when she gave birth to her son Nikolai, now five, she did everything in her power to succeed.   “The

Formula Feeding and Breastfeeding: Can You Do Both?

Can you breastfeed and formula-feed a baby? The short answer? Absolutely, and it’s called “combination feeding.” But, of course, we’re not here to only give out the short answer. We already know there’s too much that goes into motherhood that demands further explanation, and you deserve all of the information you can get, right?   Simply

How Much Formula Does a Baby Really Need?

Feeding a baby can be a stressful endeavor. From knowing what kind of formula your baby needs to how many ounces of formula your baby needs to consume to hit that inevitable growth spurt, there’s no real black and white answer. As parents, we live our lives in the grey area.   So, let’s go ahead

How to Switch Baby from Breastmilk to Formula?

There are lots and lots of reasons why you may want to switch your baby from breastmilk to formula. The many reasons aren’t worth mentioning, mainly because the reason why you want to do it, isn’t important, what’s important is having some insight as to how to switch baby from breastmilk to formula smoothly, with

Does Feeding Define Who We Are As Moms? A Q&A with Author of ‘Bottled Up,’ Suzanne Barston

By Aliza Friedlander, Milk Drunk Contributor and mom of two Like many expecting first-time mothers, Suzanne Barston took a handful of baby classes during her pregnancy, including one on breastfeeding. Living in Los Angeles among a pro breastfeeding community, Barston and her prenatal yoga mom friends would talk about their plans to exclusively breast feed.

Feed Your Baby, Not the Noise: Two Stories of Moms Who Felt the Judgement on How Best to Feed Their Babies

by Michelle Li, mom to JJ and Milk Drunk Contributor New moms have likely heard the saying, “Fed is best.” It’s practically what every other mother and doctor tell a first-time-mom who’s weighing the option of breastfeeding or using infant formula. However, once the baby comes, many new moms often discover those three words were

It’s OK to Supplement Your Baby: A Pediatrician’s Perspective

by Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann, a board-certified pediatrician who has been on staff at CHOC Children’s and CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital in Orange County, California since 2001, where she has held many leadership positions, most recently as Chief-of-Staff and Member of the Board of Directors. Congratulations! Your bundle of joy is finally here! You’ve prepared

Breast vs. Formula; A Food Scientist Weighs In on the Feeding Debate

The breakdown from a Food Scientist by Viji Ganesh, Food Scientist and Researcher and mom to one baby Parenting involves a lot of decision-making; one of them being what to feed your baby.. During the first year as a parent, there are countless  occasions for a mom to ponder why and when she should choose

Flying with Formula, Breastmilk, and Baby Food; Current TSA Guidelines

Avoid the dreaded security line milk dump with these tips from a travel pro and mother of two By Aoife Anderson, a former journalist with more than a decade of international experience who previously supported communications at companies, including Airbnb, Salesforce, Google and SAP, helping launch new initiatives and craft strategic messages for both internal

5 Formula Feeding Hacks for Parents Who Need to Maximize Their Time

So basically, all of us. By Sarah Hardy, COO of bobbie and Milk Drunk Content Team From the best way to load the conveyor belt at the supermarket to managing an email inbox–some of us have been passionate about efficiency our whole lives. And for the rest, becoming a parent will quickly bring you up

What is Dad’s Role in Breastfeeding, Bottles and Remaining Judgement Free?

Three Dads Weigh in on Their Role in the Feeding Journey by Laura Modi, CEO of bobbie and Milk Drunk Contributor When it comes to the feeding journey we often assume it’s just the mom and baby who play roles and forget that ‘the other parent’ has a role too, be it your partner or