Let’s Talk About Heavy Metals in Baby Food

The report this week about dangerous amounts of heavy metals in many popular baby foods has many asking — ok so, what’s in my formula? By Kim Chappell, Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann and Dr. Christina Berberich Parents are collectively scratching their heads this morning asking, “wait what’s in my baby’s food?’” after a new Congressional Report

Oops! I’ve Run Out of Baby Formula

It happens. You think you’ve got everything you need on hand to take care of your baby, but weeks of sleepless nights can frazzle even the sharpest brains. In the middle of the night you drag yourself to the kitchen to prepare the baby’s bottle, and BOOM — no formula. Instantly, you begin to panic.

Must-Have Essentials for Bottle Feeding Your Baby

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to bottle feed your baby. Feeding your baby is about keeping your baby happy, healthy, and well fed in a manner that supports them and you as their caregiver.  Whether you plan to use formula, breastmilk, or both, bottle feeding your baby requires certain equipment, the right know-how, and a

Formula Feeding and Breastfeeding: Can You Do Both?

Can you breastfeed and formula-feed a baby? The short answer? Absolutely, and it’s called “combination feeding.” But, of course, we’re not here to only give out the short answer. We already know there’s too much that goes into motherhood that demands further explanation, and you deserve all of the information you can get, right?   Simply

How Much Formula Does a Baby Really Need?

Feeding a baby can be a stressful endeavor. From knowing what kind of formula your baby needs to how many ounces of formula your baby needs to consume to hit that inevitable growth spurt, there’s no real black and white answer. As parents, we live our lives in the grey area.   So, let’s go ahead

European Baby Formula: A Guide on What Makes it Different than US Baby Formula

Let’s talk about baby formula, but not just any formula! European baby formula has been trending in the U.S. for quite some time now, but it raises the question to new and expectant mothers of what this type of mix includes that others, including natural breast milk, may not. Nowadays, we seem to have endless

How to Know if Baby Formula Doesn’t Agree With Your Infant?

Signs that your baby’s formula doesn’t agree with them.

How to Switch Baby from Breastmilk to Formula?

There are lots and lots of reasons why you may want to switch your baby from breastmilk to formula. The many reasons aren’t worth mentioning, mainly because the reason why you want to do it, isn’t important, what’s important is having some insight as to how to switch baby from breastmilk to formula smoothly, with

Does Formula Feeding Make Me a Bad Mom?

Let’s start by saying, no one is a bad mom based solely on whether they choose breast milk or baby formula. Moms can make not-so-great choices sometimes, that is true, but let’s remember that to err is human, especially when in reference to new moms and new parents.  Now that we’ve cleared that up, we

How Much Formula Should My Baby Be Eating?

Knowing how much your baby should be eating is the key to a happy and healthy baby. In this case, strive for just enough and not extremes of too much or too little. While babies can certainly tell you when they are hungry, it is important to know how much formula to prepare when formula

Do Formula Fed Babies Sleep Longer?

Making the decision to feed with formula is often not an easy decision to arrive at. A common question many people wonder is if formula fed babies really do sleep longer, and, although this may seem to warrant a simple answer, perhaps you may appreciate a bit of context.  This article hopes to bring some

Organic Infant Formula: What’s In It and Why Is It a Safe Choice?

With the advancements made in farming and food production, many people are making what they perceive to be healthier choices. When it comes to infant formula, non-organic or conventional was the standard but now there are many products that are organically made.   Organic formula, like other non-GMO and organic products, is often touted as a