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5 Formula Feeding Hacks for Parents Who Need to Maximize Their Time


So basically, all of us.

By Sarah Hardy, COO of bobbie and Milk Drunk Content Team

From the best way to load the conveyor belt at the supermarket to managing an email inbox–some of us have been passionate about efficiency our whole lives. And for the rest, becoming a parent will quickly bring you up to par.. 

The transition to formula can be cumbersome at first. Here are five hacks to help you regain a few precious moments back in your day. 

1. Invest time up front to create a system that works for you. 

Spending a few extra minutes to create an efficient flow at the beginning of your formula feeding journey will save you time, and frustration. Organize a convenient space for your formula feeding station, and group everything you need to prepare a bottle together. Consider a space close to the sink so that you can quickly wash parts and clean up any spills.

2. Preserve sanity and time by committing to one type  + number of bottles.

Uniformity in your bottle collection will go a long way. This will make storage much easier than trying to battle stacking mismatched parts or digging around to find the right nipple for the bottle. 

Washing on the go can be a huge burden. Purchase at least half the number of bottles as you have feedings so that you only need to find two times per day for a bulk wash. 

3. Find a brand of bottles you like, with as few parts as possible.

While some babies can be picky with the type of bottle they prefer, if your little one is indifferent, choose a bottle with minimal parts  and that doesn’t require an array of teeny-tiny scrub brushes to clean, that always seem to go missing. Como Tomo’s small number of parts and wide neck make them strong contenders. 

4. Use storage bins for  parts. 

Pinterest boards always show bottles all neatly screwed together and perfectly placed in the cupboard. This is a far cry from reality for many of us. Get a few low-profile bins (or shower caddies!) and store the parts with one another–nipples, bottles, necks, etc. You won’t have to unscrew the bottle to make it, but you can also put the bottles away even if there are a few drips of water still on them. 

5. Create sustainable habits from the start.

Reconsider warming up that first bottle, as it might be the start of heating up milk for many months to come. Serving room-temperature bottles will save you hours over time. Try using filtered water or making bottles from  a large container of pre-boiled water. 

If your little one prefers warm formula, try Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher, make a batch every morning and keep it in the fridge. It’s important to toss excess formula after 24 hours. 

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